Important File Extension list For Bank Exams

File Extension is one of the important topic of computer awareness section for the candidates who are preparing for bank exams and competitive exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, Bank PO and RRB PO. As per recent bank exam conducting trends , these are having at least 1 or 2 bits from section File Extension compulsory. This is the very simple topic to cover so candidates can score 1 or 2 marks easily in their bank exam paper.

What is File Extension :

In order to remember a topic for long time, you need to understand the topic in here is the description for what is file extension. A filename extension or file type is an identifier specified as a suffix to the name of a computer file. The extension indicates a characteristic of the file contents or its intended use. A filename extension is typically delimited from the filename with a full stop (period).

Questions on these file extensions are very important for aspirants of different competitive exams especially bank examinations. Learning the concepts just by sparing a few minutes of time will defiantly help the candidate to score a mark in the examination.

Every Single mark is very important in the competitive examination as there is a chance of missing opportunity with single mark just by neglecting the simple topics like this.

Originally file extensions are used to determine the file generic type. Ned to condense this file type into different characters majorly three characters leads to inscrutable extensions.  For examples file extensions are used in this way.

File Extension Examples :

For Microsoft word files the extension is  .docx

For Text files the extension is .txt

For Windows executable files the extension is .exe

Below is the list of file extensions which very important and frequently seen in banking and competitive exams under computer knowledge / awareness section

Text Files

.log                  ::          Log File

.wpd                ::          WordPerfect Document

.odt                  ::          OpenDocument Text Document

.pages              ::          Pages Document

.doc                 ::          Microsoft Word Document

.docx               ::          Microsoft Word Open XML Document

.tex                  ::          LaTeX Source Document

.wps                 ::          Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

.msg                 ::          Outlook Mail Message

.rtf                   ::          Rich Text Format File

.txt                   ::          Plain Text File

Data Files

.vcf                  ::          vCard File

.dat                  ::          Data File

.pptx                ::          PowerPoint Open XML Presentation

.sdf                  ::          Standard Data File

.tar                   ::          Consolidated Unix File Archive

.csv                  ::          Comma Seperated Values File

.xml                 ::          XML File

.pps                  ::          PowerPoint Slide Show

.ppt                  ::          PowerPoint Presentation

Audio Files

.aif                   ::          Audio Interchange File Format

.mpa                ::          MPEG-2 Audio File

.ra                    ::          Real Audio File

.iff                   ::          Interchange File Format

.wav                ::          WAVE Audio File

.wma               ::          Windows Media Audio File

.mp3                ::          MP3 Audio File

Video Files

.avi                  ::          Audio Video Interleave File

.3gp                 ::          3GPP Multimedia File

.flv                   ::          Flash Video File

.mpg                ::          MPEG Video File

.vob                 ::          DVD Video Object File

.mp4                ::          MPEG-4 Video File

.3g2                 ::          3GPP2 Multimedia File

.m4v                ::          iTunes Video File

.wmv               ::          Windows Media Video File

3D Image Files

.max                ::          3ds Max Scene File

.obj                  ::          Wavefront 3D Object File

.3ds                 ::          3D Studio Scene

.3dm                ::          Rhino 3D Model

Raster Image Files

.gif                   ::          Graphical Interchange Format File

.jpg                  ::          JPEG Image

.bmp                ::          Bitmap Image File

.psd                 ::          Adobe Photoshop Document

.png                 ::          Portable Network Graphic

Spreadsheet Files

.xls                   ::          Excel Spreadsheet

.xlr                   ::          Works Spreadsheet

.xlsx                 ::          Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet

Database Files

.pdb                 ::          Program Database

.dbf                 ::          Database File

.accdb              ::          Access 2007 Database File

.db                   ::          Database File

.sql                   ::          Structured Query Language Data File

.mdb                ::          Microsoft Access Database

Executable Files

.cgi                  ::          Common Gateway Interface Script

.com                ::          DOS Command File

.vb                   ::          VBScript File

.exe                  ::          Windows Executable File

.jar                   ::          Java Archive File

.bat                  ::          DOS Batch File

Web Files

.cer                  ::          Internet Security Certificate

.css                  ::          Cascading Style Sheet

.html                ::          Hypertext Markup Language File

.js                     ::          JavaScript File

.jsp                   ::          Java Server Page

.htm                 ::          Hypertext Markup Language File

.asp                  ::          Active Server Page

.php                 ::          PHP Source Code File

.xhtml              ::          Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File

.rss                   ::          Rich Site Summary

.aspx                ::          Active Server Page Extended File

Plugin Files

.plugin             ::          Mac OS X Plug-in

.crx                  ::          Chrome Extension

Developer Files

.cs                    ::          Visual C# Source Code File

.cpp                 ::          C++ Source Code File

.dtd                 ::          Document Type Definition File

.c                     ::          C/C++ Source Code File

.fla                   ::          Adobe Flash Animation

.class                ::          Java Class File

.java                 ::          Java Source Code File

Backup Files

.tmp                 ::          Temporary File

.bak                 ::          Backup File